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Written by JaNay Brown-Wood

Scholastic Inc.

About the series

Yip! Yip! Hooray! A little magic can save the day!

With a little bit of magic and a whole lot of kindness, the Love Puppies are here to help kids overcome some tough social situations. Because with the power of love, anything is paw-sible!

Love Puppies #1

Love Puppies #1:

Best Friends Fur-ever

When Rosie and the rest of the Love Puppies find out that Meiko is struggling to make friends at her new school, they are sure they can sniff out a solution! Click HERE to learn more!

Love Puppies #2:

Lost Pet Blues

When Caleb's beloved pet Maxie goes missing, Noodles and the rest of the Love Puppies vow to help him find it! Click HERE to learn more!

Love Puppies #2
Love Puppies 3.jpg

Love Puppies #3:

Dream Team

A mission like no other has the Love Puppies stuck. Eliana has excellent basketball skills, and Barkley knows she's talented enough to make the school team--that is, if she can figure out how to be a good teammate. Click HERE to learn more!

Love Puppies #4:

Recipe for Success

Coming September 19th, 2023


The Love Puppies are thrilled to hear that Jayden wants to enter a baking competition. But when practice ends in disaster, Clyde wonders if they’ll be able to boost Jayden’s confidence in time. Click HERE to learn more!

Love puppies 4 cover.jpg

Love Puppies #5:

Changing Tunes

Coming January 4th, 2024

This series pairs the fun of magical puppies with realistic school and family conflicts. The human kids in Love Puppies are developing their social emotional skills: learning how to make and keep friendships​ Click HERE to learn more!

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