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Love Puppies #6: The Fast and the Furriest

Written by JaNay Brown-Wood 

Scholastic Paperbacks

ISBN-10 : 1339042177

ISBN-13 : 9781339042176


Yip! Yip! Hooray! A little magic can save the day!


There is a new puppy in town! A baby corgi has arrived at the Doghouse, ready to learn how to become a Love Puppy. The pups have an extra-tough mission this time―to help Samnang deal with bullies at school. With the help of their pup in training, will the Love Puppies be able to help Samnang stand up for himself and realize that tiny can also be mighty?

With a little bit of magic and a whole lot of kindness, the Love Puppies are here to help kids overcome some tough social situations. Because with the power of love, anything is paw-sible!

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