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Coming: September 19, 2023

JaNay Brown-Wood Love Puppies Recipe Success


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Love Puppies #4: Recipe for Success

Written by JaNay Brown-Wood

Scholastic Paperbacks

ISBN-10 : 1338834126

ISBN-13 : 9781338834123


Adorable dogs + a sprinkle of magic + a celebration of social-emotional learning!


Yip! Yip! Hooray! A little magic can save the day!

The Love Puppies are thrilled to hear that Jayden wants to enter a baking competition. But when practice ends in disaster, Clyde wonders if they’ll be able to boost Jayden’s confidence in time. This mission might be over before it starts if Jayden decides not to compete! How can the pups help him see that practice makes perfect?

With a little bit of magic and a whole lot of kindness, the Love Puppies are here to help kids overcome some tough social situations. Because with the power of love, anything is paw-sible!

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