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Love Puppies #3: Dream Team

Written by JaNay Brown-Wood 

Scholastic Paperbacks

ISBN-10 : 133883410X

ISBN-13 : 9781338834109


Yip! Yip! Hooray! A little magic can save the day!


A mission like no other has the Love Puppies stuck. Eliana has excellent basketball skills, and Barkley knows she's talented enough to make the school team--that is, if she can figure out how to be a good teammate. How are the pups supposed to help someone who has no interest in sharing the ball, playing nice, or making friends?


With a little bit of magic and a whole lot of kindness, the Love Puppies will have to work hard to figure out how to really help Eliana. Anything is paw-sible with the power of love.

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