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Coming: January 2nd, 2024


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Love Puppies #5: Changing Tunes

Written by JaNay Brown-Wood

Scholastic Paperbacks

ISBN-10 : 1339042169

ISBN-13 : 9781339042169


Adorable dogs + a sprinkle of magic + a celebration of social emotional learning!

This series pairs the fun of magical puppies with realistic school and family conflicts. The human kids in Love Puppies are developing their social emotional skills: learning how to make and keep friendships, how to show kindness and empathy for others, how to express their feelings, and how to navigate all different kinds of social situations.

This book will follow the Love Puppies as they welcome a new puppy (a poodle!) into their group. The story will explore what to do when you are feeling left out or ignored, specifically in the context of a new sibling being added to the family.

Publishers Weekly

Love Puppies Publishers Weekly Announcement
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