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Coming: June 14th, 2022

Mia decides to try something new and invite the new girl! Lily, is the name of the new girl, and now the newest member of the Sunshine Squad. Lily even helps Mia try more new things! An additional short short story about trying new things is at the back of the book and tips for trying new things are included as well. The illustrations show diverse skin colors of children in a city setting. Wonderful story with a very helpful message.

- Children's Literature

Will Mia Play it Safe? by JaNay Brown-Wood

Chicken Soup for the Soul KIDS:

Will Mia Play it Safe?

A Book About Trying New Things

Written by JaNay Brown-Wood

Illustrated by Lorian Tu


ISBN-10 : 1632899523

ISBN-13 : 9781632899521

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Everyday heroes are always open to new experiences! The Sunshine Squad learns about trying new things.

Mia is so good at basketball, but how about trying new things? Not so much. When a new girl, Amelia shows up to play, Mia sticks with the team she knows--but it turns out that Amelia has a thing or two to teach Mia. Not only is Amelia a good basketball player, she also makes crazy-cool inventions! She'll fit right in with the Sunshine Squad as their resident inventor. The back of the book includes info how children can be open to new ideas and new people.

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