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This book will definitely help young children understand the importance of tidying up their space. A poem about responsibility is featured at the back and suggestions for how to make cleaning fun for children. The illustrations are colorful and realistic. The Sunshine Squad is a diverse group of children who are sure to inspire others!

- Children's Literature

Oliver Powers Through by JaNay Brown-Wood

Chicken Soup for the Soul KIDS:

Oliver Powers Through

A Book About Helping Out Around the House

Written by JaNay Brown-Wood

Illustrated by Lorian Tu


ISBN-10 : 1623542782

ISBN-13 : 9781623542788

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Everyday heroes never take the easy way out! The Sunshine Squad learns about responsibility.

Before he can play with his friends, Oliver has to finish his chores. . . but there are so many! Sunshine Squad to the rescue! His friends help him finish his homework, clean up, and make his little sister a snack, remembering some of their own jobs along the way. Turn to the back of the book for ideas to help keep track of responsibilities.

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