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Coming: March 19th,  2024

Mahogany A LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD TALE  By JaNay Brown-Wood Illustrated by John Joven


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Written by JaNay Brown-Wood

Illustrated by TBD

Publisher TBD

ISBN-10 : 

ISBN-13 : 



A clever, Black contemporary twist on Little Red Riding Hood, Mahogany embraces the beauty—and magic—of her culture to thwart the Big Bad Wolf.

Mahogany is a spunky girl who loves to sew, listen to music, and wear fresh kicks. On the way to deliver homemade gumbo to Grandma's house, she encounters a hungry wolf.

Because Mahogany is clever, she stands by a willow tree, where her long, black curly hair blends with the branches. She hides in the forest, where her ebony skin merges with the shadows. And Mahogany knows the lavender scent of her skin will mix with the smells of flowering plants, tricking any wolf nose.

Ultimately, Mahogany’s Blackness, her wits, and her sewing skills all save her in this refreshing, celebratory, and innovative retelling.

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